Mesa de 5 rodillos


Our main goal is to give to our client development solutions for process applications, 2D and 3D engineering, mechanical and electrical outsourcing, development of Hardware and Software.
Purchasing of National and European commercial elements, exporting these elements worldwide.
Development of industrial factories from the civil engineering until the final building.
Our software is: AutoCAD, CATIA, Eplan, MS Office…


The processing study done in Disseny Industrial Barcelona allows the possibility of manufacture products, taking in consideration the cost, quality, quantity, timing, investment, security and ambient conditions.
Each industry has their own particularities in the processes that makes different from others.
The manufacturing processes have as a goal to define the production methodology given the industrial scale, achieving the product specifications.
For that the teams, devices, tools, start-up parameters and functions are defined to execute the desired sequence.




The process engineering has as a main reason, which is to help the productive area to achieve the production goals; this help can be noticed giving the correct tools to produce, information to the technician and indicating all the productive operations and how to perform them.
The creativity of this field have no limits.
All this sequence of definitions, which is essentially finding a solution to the problems, choosing the best possibilities, requires a good interpretation of the tests and verification before moving on to the next step.