“A good scientist is a person with original ideas. A good engineer is a person who makes designs that work with as few original ideas as possible.” (Freeman Dyson)

We devise a project on the idea that, basically, everything it is about solving problems and providing solutions, and we do so thanks to the knowledge and experience that we have matured in multiple industrial realities contributing to the creation of products or simply providing appropriate technical answers to specific doubts.



Dominamos las tecnologías para el desarrollo de soluciones a medida de automatización de los procesos productivos del sector automovilístico tales como el transporte intra-logístico, las líneas de producción, los transelevadores, los transportadores de paletas entre otros, y nos enfocamos a conseguir los objetivos que aportan valor añadido al producto como son la productividad, los costes y la ergonomía.

Development of production automation projects

Reverse engineering and creation of CAD models

Inspection and repair of existing installations


Our way of doing engineering is based on the fact that we are able to interpret the needs of our customers and translate them into new products capable of offering competitive and functional advantages with the aim of optimizing operational timings and costs. In other cases, we also offer the possibility of integrating our engineers into the customer's development engineering teams.

Feasibility studies and preliminary projects

Development of special projects of machines for the industry

Development of comprehensive projects and supply of products


Our approach to industrial safety is based on the idea that it is a key aspect for the industry to evolve, but in particular referring to the automotive sector, which is required to comply with current regulations (EN 795) ensuring the sustainability of the sector who focus on the production enhancements, so it is essential to count with accredited companies with certification capacity.

Feasibility studies and preliminary projects

Installation and validation of industrial security systems

Certification and reporting